Remote diagnostics and telematics

Reading out error and event memories in the electronics of vehicles requires the use of specialized diagnostic systems that must be physically connected to the vehicle for data access to the ECUs. Over-The-Air (OTA) data access is usually reserved for the vehicle manufacturer, making the integration of continuous diagnostics into fleet operator or insurance company processes impossible.

Our AURORA Embedded Diagnostic Devices as a retrofit solution of each vehicle enable remote diagnosis OTA for all vehicles – independent of a diagnosis by the vehicle manufacturer. This allows the status of vehicles to be recorded at any time or event-related data readout, e.g. after the detection of an accident.

Our solutions are based on the latest industry standards such as UDS, ODX and DoIP.

In addition, the devices can also be used as a telematics solution, where the position of the vehicle, as well as accelerations are continuously recorded and transmitted to a backend system in the cloud. Accident detection and evaluation is performed by our specialized crash detection algorithms.

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